Mum, I Got Your Back

A 3-month program designed for busy mothers and career women
who want to achieve balance in their lives and live a life they design for themselves.

Mum, I Got Your Back is a 5 step program dedicated to smart, professional, go-getting mothers who on the surface look like they have it all but underneath things are tough, they’re lost in overwhelm, worried about failure, and completely burnt out.

You have read books, watched motivational videos on YouTube to learn to love your life again, but nothing seems to resonate or make a long-lasting impact on your mind set, family or zest for life. Don’t get me wrong what they say makes sense but you crave that one likeminded person you trust, who understands your situation who will keep you clear, focused and moving in the right direction.

If what’s different about you is that you are 100% certain that this is not how life is meant to be and that things must change, then this program is for you. This unique program Mum, I Got Your Back will empower you to take charge and go from burnout to alignment and start to lead the life you create for yourself ASAP.

You won’t need to figure out how to transform your life in a piecemeal way over years and years like I did as I will share the key methods that radically changed my life and helped me to regain control of every aspect, and live the life I desire for myself. In this 5 step program we will build habits that not only make you feel energised, they’ll keep you on track with your visions, leave you feeling content and connected not just for now but for the long haul. We will look at strategies that deeply connect you to your children, your partner, family, yourself and ensure that life is happening for you and not just to you.

Together, you and I plus my team will become a driving force for change getting you into alignment, harnessing the feminine powers that reside deep inside you. You will feel fantastic about yourself and excited about the future you create for you.

When you’re stressed out and uncertain, advice and support from the right person with the right expertise can make a life changing difference.

Dear incredible mother

Especially since the arrival of your children (but if you’re honest with yourself you’ve probably been guilty of this pretty much your whole life) you feel like you have not spent anytime nurturing yourself and because of this you’re worryingly out of alignment. You’ve been so busy looking after your children, loved ones and maintaining your successful career that you have neglected yourself. I know you are looking for more…

….but at the end of everyday life just wears you down and you don’t have the energy to look for these things. Instead you’re disinterested, tired and short tempered because you rarely reward yourself with the things you truly love doing and make you feel alive (do you even know what they are?) and you’re constantly worried about the impending mountain of life-admin jobs, or your busy schedule.

You know this is not how it’s meant to be and you know there’s a better way but you don’t know where to begin, who to turn to look for help and find a solution.

You crave a life bursting with contentment, joy, laughter, energy and feeling like you are living purposefully and not just surviving. A life where you tap into your femininity and are able to give the best part of you freely to your loved ones, your children, your family and friends and still have energy and passion for more. You spend time doing the things you love, you honour and value yourself by taking care of every part of you – feeling content and calm on the inside and looking fantastic on the outside. Life is happening FOR you and not just to you.

Your life is out of balance. You’re surviving and not thriving.

Ultimately you are ready to take control of your life. You want to connect with your children and family at the deepest level, you take great care of every part of you, and you have the best life ever because it’s the life you designed for yourself.

The world’s greatest athletes, actors, politicians, thought leaders surround themselves with their team of experts – these are their trusted mentors and coaches. They would not make it on their own.

Ask yourself do you get the support you need to succeed in your life?

During your time in the Mum, I Got Your Back program you will learn exactly how to end this and get your life into equilibrium.

You want to connect with your children and family at the deepest level, you take great care of every part of you, and you have the best life ever because it’s the life you designed for yourself.

You Crave

  • An inner knowing that everything will be OK
  • A life where you’re in control of your happiness and you feel it all the time
  • A clear idea of your purpose and that you are moving in the right direction
  • Inner strength to deal with anything
  • Being totally on top of your schedule
  • A sense of freedom and fulfilment
  • A home life that is organised and structured yet fun and loving
  • A deeply connected relationship with your children, partner, family AND you
  • Time to do the things you love doing a lot of the time
  • A life where you look after the wellbeing of your mind, your body and soul
  • Long lasting personal development and self-growth that resonates with your spiritual beliefs, whatever they are
  • Someone likeminded you can talk to openly and frankly – who has your best interest at heart, who will guide you on your own journey keeping you focused and on track with a system that gets results

And ultimately finding inner peace and contentment ASAP!

The Problem is:

  • You are singlehandedly running every aspect of your life, at home and at work
  • You’re hugely successful in your career but this doesn’t translate to your personal life where you feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed, isolated and a one woman show
  • At home, you’re living day by day and you’ve simply been reacting to life for years
  • You are too busy worrying about everyone else and taking care of others and are drained and have run out of energy
  • You’ve completely forgotten what your dreams and passions are
  • You feel trapped and you secretly crave the life you had before kids, children, marriage and the freedom it gave you
  • You think you know what makes you happy (shopping, nice holidays, fancy restaurants) but these things aren’t fulfilling you at a deep spiritual level
  • You have tried several things, all piecemeal, with no real success or long-lasting change and you have you no idea how you’re ever going to change things and it’s this fear that’s now holding you back from finding deep fulfilment
  • You know that you cannot run your life with this mindset and ever expect it to transform

It’s time for you to connect with your feminine powers, take massive action and positively impact every aspect of your life…

Stop this worry, you really don’t need to feel alone any longer because there is a way through all of this. I’m Dixie Thankey and I’m here to walk you through a proven step by step system that will get you to live a life you love. This is the ultimate success program for incredible, smart women that must address their stagnant life status quo once and for all.

As a successful business woman and mother with a full-on schedule I felt I had no-one that understood where I was coming from. On the surface I was a go-getter, with a pretty perfect life but underneath it all I felt burdened by the day to day challenges of parenting, managing my personal life, a demanding corporate career and feeling truly, deeply, madly discontent. I lost my spirit. What happened to my passion for life?

I have worked in senior positions in some of the world’s largest companies, and with over 20 years’ experience of the pressures of this world, I understand what you’re going through, singlehandedly trying juggle all aspects of your life – it feels heavy.

I have always been obsessed with helping people and taking care of them. It’s being this force for good that drives me every day and I’m passionate and committed to getting you from overwhelm, over worked and feeling isolated to feeling in control and excited about your future.

ely impact every aspect of your life…

Look at me now

I still hold down my corporate job which I love and where I’m continuing to climb the ladder, I run my own life coaching business and have been schooled by world class pioneers of Strategic Intervention coaching like Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark and Magali Peysha making a difference in people’s lives at a core level. I have other side projects and I have a deep and loving connection with my son because I always find time for him – I want you to know you can have it all too and how I am living my life’s purpose with:

  • More energy
  • Peace
  • A deeper connection with myself
  • An amazing connection and continuously deepening relationship with my child
  • Personal growth and development
  • An organised home life
  • Time for fun
  • A compelling future designed by me (wouldn’t you love to design your future?)
  • A healthy mind, body, and spirit
  • A knowing that this is exactly where I am meant to be and I love it

I was able to do all of this once I got my life into balance. I have spent over £25,000 learning everything I needed to know about creating a fulfilling life and how I could share this with others to completely transform their lives and help me to feel deeply satisfied that I was also helping other strong, caring women who might be suffering in this aspect of their lives too. In my senior roles in corporate business I have developed a results and solution led mind set and subsequently I have successfully coached 100’s of people in work and have naturally extended this out to my business.

Before then I had no real power in my life, and I was living day to day, minute to minute, moment to moment.

So, I changed everything and I spent countless hours of my time finding the right resources to design the life I desired and dreamed of and then taking action to change. I started to take courses, work out what I needed to do and everything started to fall into place. My life became calmer and calmer I figured out what is required to bring true happiness and stability into my life. My relationship with my son transformed virtually overnight and for the first time I felt like we were truly connecting. Funnily the same thing happened with all my other relationships. Work became less stressful as I started to believe in myself again.

What can I expect from Mum, I Got Your Back and my promise to you?

In this heart-centred 3-month program you will learn the life skills in the right areas that will transform you into alignment so that you fall deeply and madly back in love with your life again. From this place of balance, I’ll guide you from overwhelm and isolation to love and contentment in a powerful and long-lasting way. You will use your feminine powers to transform and feel harmony in all areas of your life, and the skills you learn are not gimmicky, they are proven techniques that will stay with you.

My clients work with me because they know that I care about them deeply, I put them at the centre of what I do and I want them to have a life changing experience so that their lives will never be the same again.

Whether you are new to personal development or have tried lots of different things you will leave the program with life changing skills. You’ll take away more than you thought.

In your months with me you will get:

If you book to join Mum, I Got Your Back on your complimentary Discovery Call, you will also get these amazing bonuses:

BONUS 1 Early Bird offer – 10% off the program fee

Enrolment into The Goddess Package: Supplementary access to Dixie’s team of experts who will help you to feel amazing.

When we are burnt out and overwhelmed the last thing we do is invest in ourselves and then when this slips we feel down on ourselves – attacking the way we eat, look and so on. It’s a spiral that is difficult to get out of. This set of bonuses that you get when you sign up after the Discovery call will help you address that very problem.

Bonus 1 Goddess Package


My image consultant will work with you to declutter and re-design your wardrobe with capsule pieces helping you to either hone your personal style or, if you wish, re-style you completely.

Bonus 2 Goddess Package


Eating well is the key to feeling positive and energised. We often over complicate nutrition and that’s probably because there is so much conflicting advice out there. My nutritionist will make this simple for you. In your eating healthy one on one calls she will take into account your lifestyle and help you to develop healthy eating habits that fill you full of vitality and regain a zest for life.

Bonus 3 Goddess Package


Work with me to declutter your home and get organised – one less burden to think about and zap your energy. Not only does your mindset get a work-out in this program so does your home organisational skills. If you were anything like me this can fall by way side and stress you out when life admin piles up and we start to clutter our homes with things we just don’t like or need.

My Bonus Packages will work alongside Mum, I Got Your Back and help you rejuvenate and also get into alignment these key areas in your own life.

As soon as you sign up for Mum, I Got Your Back you will get a welcome pack with all the details on how you sign up for the 121 calls with both myself and my team. You have access to help by emailing the contact helpdesk email address and one of my team will come back to you within 24 hours or sooner.

On our introduction call we have extra time for you – ask any questions you have about the program and if not we can get stuck straight into the content.

You can also reach out on the Member Only Facebook business page and the community of other brave and powerful heart centred business women and mothers at any time.


Because of the one on one and focused nature of my programme I only have a limited number of new clients I can work with each month. As such I am very selective about the clients I enrol. If you genuinely want to transform your life, and are committed to playing full-out during the program to get the results to change your life then please sign up ASAP after the discovery session as spaces are limited and reserved for those brave enough to commit to changing their lives and taking control back!

Let me share with you from experience why doing what you’ve always done won’t work and wishing and hoping won’t either. You need to take massive action and then watch how things transform. This is because wherever you place your focus the positive energy will flow and from that point you will become unstoppable.

Why is Mum, I Got Your Back different?

Mum, I Got Your Back isn’t a run of the mill program. It’s a 3-month intensive VIP mentorship program that will dive into almost every aspect of your life and empower you and with a strong forward thinking mindset that is available to each and every one of us. It’s the much-needed space in your diary to start to design the life you so deeply desire, deserve and love. Connect these up to the timeless tools to help you make changes ASAP you have a formula to leading a fulfilled life. You have to value and honour yourself by taking the bold step towards doing the deep-rooted work on your mind set and understanding how to create long lasting change. You can trawl online content, read more positive thinking books but this is all superfluous unless you do the work on you and your self-limiting beliefs. This is exactly what I have done over these last 5 years. Mum, I Got Your Back is a one stop shop for all the tools I use today that make my life incredible and deeply fulfilling and easy. It’s the ultimate success formula to learning how to get crystal clear on your compelling future and how to love life again, existing in complete alignment with your vision and life’s purpose. By connecting with your true self, a self that is strong, smart and determined it will move you from overwhelm and fear to contentment and joy.

  • Whenever self-doubt creeps in (oh because it will) or if you try something that doesn’t work, you will be able to take control back using the tools you’ll learn
  • You will reconnect with your feminine power and respect and honour yourself by never slipping back into old patterns and living life by stifling self-limiting beliefs
  • You’ll make a huge positive impact on the lives of your children and your family and friends – what an even greater role model you will be
  • Your mind will be free to enjoy the wonders of the world and not get bogged down by life admin or a feeling you live in the movie Ground Hog Day!
  • My promise to you is that in 4 months you’ll deeply reconnect with yourself and experience a transformation that brings your work and home life into balance and you will lead a life that fills you with a sense of deep calm and true happiness. You’ll have a deep knowing and confidence that your life will never be the same again

Who is this for

This is for you if
  • You 100% know that this is not how life is meant to be and you want to transform your life completely
  • You are more than ready to take the steps you need to invest in changing your life so that it will impact you, your family and your loved ones positively
  • You are prepared to do what it takes, include potentially making large changes, to bring your work and home life into balance and that includes taking massive action
  • You are a determined, smart and heart centred woman that wants to honour herself and live the life she dreams of and deserves
  • You understand how critical personal development is to leading a successful and fulfilled life
  • You are completely open to taking the steps outlined in a proven system that will change your life even if they take you outside your comfort zone
  • You love your children and loved ones but you have hit rock bottom and need help to get along with them because right now connecting with them is challenging and are worried about your relationships with them
This is not for you if
  • You are unsure if you will be able to play full out and bring yourself 100% to the program – this program is not for idle people, it will take work because massive change needs massive action
  • You are blocked and not receptive to taking advice and directives from others even if you know it will change your life
  • You are not receptive to being open, honest and frank. Sometimes this may lead to admitting that you’re wrong and take steps to readdress these imbalance’s which you will find difficult to deal with
  • You’re sceptical about personal development, mindset coaching and programs of this nature
  • You’re only interested in changing yourself without wanting to positively impact your children, family and other loved ones
  • You’re probably happy to continue as you are as because you like getting attention for being the victim and having bad habits in your work and personal life
  • You’re not a heart centred woman who believes in compassion and kindness

You can continue with your status quo making haphazard attempts to impact your life but how would you feel looking back if nothing changes in 12 months’ time. Worst still what will your life look in 5 years’ time or when you’re 60 and you didn’t reach out for help?

  • What will your relationship be like with your children now that they are grown up?
  • What about your relationship with your other loved ones?
  • How will you view your life and what would be your advice to your younger self?
  • What toll will years of this take on you, the way look and on your health?
Or you can put an end to this struggle and join my program where I will guide you towards
  • Getting crystal clear on exactly what your dream life looks like
  • Taking action against co-created directives which will get you there
  • Holding the space and keeping you accountable every step of the way
  • Building the life you want to live and feeling like you’re living to your purpose
  • Feeling contented, peaceful and balanced

Frequently asked questions

You will get an email with all the instructions, just follow them carefully and you should be ok. However, if you do have any further questions then please email at

This is a heart-centred program of structured weekly activities which will require your commitment and follow up. This will include mind set work, unravelling your goals and visions for life, building healthy rituals and manifestations that will serve you deeply. There will be exercises and powerful coaching to help reach the desired outcomes to lead an outstanding life and complete empowerment for the future and more.

We can discuss these on your complimentary Discovery Call or at the time of your order all available payment plans will be listed on the sign-up form.

If you have any more questions these will be answered at